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In Massachusetts, the basic automobile insurance rates for each calender year are set by the Division of Insurance. Therefore automobile insurance rates in Massachusetts are basically non-competitive. These rates apply to all new and renewal policies that begin in that year and are the results of hearings held with insurance carriers, consumer groups, and independent agents the preceding fall.

Automobile insurance is mandatory in Massachusetts, so you must see your insurance agent first before you can register a vehicle. A policy is effective for one year in Massachusetts, not six months as in many other states. The exact amount paid for insurance by any policyholder will depend upon several factors:

  • The number of years of driving experience for all operators listed on the policy;
  • The driving record for all operators listed on the policy, as defined by the SDIP;
  • The specific year, make, and model of the vehicle being insured;
  • The town in which the vehicle is being garaged;
  • The actual coverages selected.

Various discounts are also available, as set forth by the Division of Insurance; these include discounts for having a good driving record, anti-theft devices, low mileage, air bags or automatic seat belts, senior citizens, multiple vehicles insured with the same carrier, and the use of public transit for commuting. Let's not forget at The Robert L. Summers Insurance Agency you can save with the AAA Member Discount.

Unlike some other states, in which the insurance companies charge a much higher rate for operators under a specific age, the Massachusetts rates are based on the number of years of driving experience. Operators with less that 3 years of experience pay the highest rates (regardless of age); operators with more than 6 years of experience pay the lowest.

NOTE: In response to a common misconception, red cars cost no more to insure than the same car of any other color.

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