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The R.L. Summers Insurance agency provides Dwelling Fire coverages designed primarily for tenant occupied properties or other habitational risks that may not qualify for Homeowners coverage. Some residential properties do not qualify for the homeowners program either because they are one-to four family dwellings which are not owner-occupied, such as rental properties, or which, for one reason or another cannot be written under an insurer's homeowners eligibility rules.

Dwelling ownership carries with it a potential exposure to financial loss from unpredictable events such as: Fire, windstorm damages, vandalism of personal property, and lawsuits from an injured person. Dwelling owners can protect themselves against all of these losses by purchasing Dwelling Fire and Liability insurance.

Dwelling Fire policy basics:


Coverage is provided for the residential dwelling, any structures attached to it, and materials and supplies on or adjacent to the location that are used for construction, alteration or repair of any structures at the described location. Coverage does not apply to land, including the land on which the dwelling is located.

Other Structures:

Coverage is provided for other structures on the described location, set apart from the dwelling by clear space. This includes structures connected to the dwelling by only a fence, utility line, or similar connection. This coverage does not apply to land, including land on which the other structures are located.

Personal Property:

A limited range of perils protects personal property usual to the occupancy as a dwelling. This coverage is not automatically provided in the Dwelling policy and must be specifically requested.

Fair Rental Value/Additional Living Expense:

Fair rental value and Additional living expense provide compensation if a covered loss renders the residence premises unusable.

Fair Rental Value means the fair rental of that part of the dwelling rented to others less any expenses that do not continue while that part of the dwelling rented or held for rental is not fit to live in.

Additional Living Expense means any necessary increase in living expenses incurred by you so that your household can maintain its normal standard of living.

Personal Liability:

This is important coverage if you or resident family members are found negligent in causing bodily injury or property damage to another party that arises out of the ownership, maintenance or use of the insured premises. In that event, you have the peace of mind knowing we will pay the legal damages imposed on you and include legal defense cost if necessary.

Medical Payments:

If a visitor is injured in or around the dwelling, we will pay for the necessary medical expenses incurred by that person.

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