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We can help each and every estate and be instrumental in preserving your assets for your heirs. We will provide:

* Unlimited telephone consultation services to help explain what the attorney and tax professional suggest and provide a second opinion when necessary. We believe it is important to recognize that many professionals believe they have more control over client retention if the client is kept somewhat confused. We can help to keep this situation from occurring, by making this consultation service available to the member prior to death, to the executor, administrator, trustee or personal representative, and the attorney and/or tax professional for the estate after death.

* TaxHotline: Unlimited access to our toll-freeTaxHotline for any tax questions or tax related problems.

* A comprehensive and mandatory review of the estate tax return prior to actual filing. This service provides the estate with an additional level of protection from missed deductions, overvalued assets, missing items or disclosures that only increase the chances of a prolonged estate tax audit. We will consult with your professionals to properly bring the estate tax plan to completion.

* When the audit notice is received, we will provide representation for the estate by going before the IRS or the state agency until the closing report is received. We will also supervise the collection of information for submission to the auditor.

* Membership commences with the payment of the fee and ends 30 days after the estate tax audit closing report is issued. The one-time fee provides assistance for planning the estate, preparing the estate tax return and representation for the mandatory estate tax return audit.

Price: $1295.00
(For estate values up to five million)
Price: $1795.00
(For estate values greater than five million)


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